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保濕精華 | 保濕乳液 | 保濕乳霜 | 天絲面膜 | 生物纖維面膜 | 眼霜 | 潤唇膏

M22 | 保濕精華 | 保濕乳液 | 保濕乳霜 | 天絲面膜 | 生物纖維面膜 | 眼霜 | 潤唇膏

M22_Revitalizing Hydration Serum_V2_index_en
M22_Intense Hydration Serum_V2_index_EN
M22_Revitalizing Hydration Lotion_V2_index_en
M22_Intense Hydration Cream_V2_index
M22_Intense Hydration Lotion_V2_index
M22_Revitalizing Hydration Cream_V2_index_en

GE Age-Delay Firming Eye Cream (15ml)

Unveil the secret of youthful bright eyes gives a total care to the most delicate skin around eyes. Multiple plant extracts with Eyeliss™, Dipeptides is patented under eye firming factor which penetrates deeply into the skin, lightens skin complexion.


The most simple secret for skin care.

M22 A skincare brand that focuses on natural plant extracts and adds a variety of precious herbs to create a skin suitable for Orientals due to environmental and climate change.

The innovation of M22 can meet most of the skin care needs of customers and Trusted by many women.

Relying on the principle of “perfect skin age at 22 years old”, M22 believes that beauty is not limited to age and position. To let the skin stay beautiful and healthy as 22 year old, the most basic maintenance is no longer laborious Let’s create the possibility of skin’s own beauty!

Busy life and work make women do not have much time to take care of their skin. Knowing this, M22 had created products that can optimize skin care steps to help skin maintain firmness, regenerate and repair damage.

Deeply moisturize and protect the skin from harmful substances.

I also want to be tender and shiny, give M22 1% trust, we will give you 99% satisfaction.

M22 Moisturizing Lip Balm Gift Box

M22 Moisturizing Lip Balm Series use the most refined pure white petrolatum, shea butter, vitamin E, beeswax and other classic lip care ingredients . It can smooth lip lines and repair chapped lips.

M22 Original Lip Therapy Balm(blue) - 4g
M22 Soothing Menthol Lip Balm (green) - 4g
M22 Color-Enhancing Lip Balm(pink) - 4g


M22 | 保濕精華 | 保濕乳液 | 保濕乳霜 | 天絲面膜 | 生物纖維面膜 | 眼霜 | 潤唇膏

保濕精華 | 保濕乳液 | 保濕乳霜 | 天絲面膜 | 生物纖維面膜 | 眼霜 | 潤唇膏

M22 | 桃園保養品 | 草本保養品 | 天然植萃 | 天然植萃保養品